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The loading speed of a website is essential to retain visitors and get a better ranking in search engines. One effective way to speed up your WordPress site is by leveraging HTTP/2 technology. In this article, we will explore what HTTP/2 is and how you can enable it on your WordPress site to improve user experience and SEO optimization.

What is HTTP/2?

HTTP/2 is the latest version of the hypertext transfer protocol, which is used to transmit data between a web server and a browser. Unlike its predecessor, HTTP/1.1, HTTP/2 has been designed to significantly improve the speed and efficiency of online data transfer.

Key benefits of HTTP/2:


HTTP/2 allows multiplexing, which means that several resources can be requested and received simultaneously on a single connection. This speeds up page loading, as there is no need to wait for serial requests to complete.

2-Header compression

HTTP/2 uses compression to reduce the size of request and response headers, which reduces overhead and improves efficiency.

3-Prioritization of resources

HTTP/2 allows the web server to prioritize the most important resources, such as style sheets and scripts, to load first, improving the user's perception of speed.

4-Server Push

This feature allows the server to send additional resources to the browser before they are requested, which speeds up page loading and reduces requests to the server.

How to enable HTTP/2 in WordPress

1-Check compatibility: Make sure your hosting server and WordPress site support HTTP/2. Most modern hosting providers already offer HTTP/2 support.

2-Use HTTPS: HTTP/2 requires your site to use HTTPS. If you have not already done so, install an SSL certificate on your site to enable encryption and ensure security.

3-Update your web server: If your server uses Apache, make sure it is updated to the latest version, as HTTP/2 works better with newer versions.

4-Update WordPress and your plugins: Keep your WordPress installation and plugins up to date to ensure HTTP/2 compatibility.


Enabling HTTP/2 on your WordPress site is an effective strategy to accelerate loading speed and improve user experience. This technology leverages advanced features to optimize data transfer and prioritize essential resources. If your hosting provider supports HTTP/2 and your site uses HTTPS, enabling this technology can make a big difference in the speed and performance of your website.

At Mejor-Hosting.com, we are committed to providing you with the best solutions to optimize your website. If you have any questions or need assistance to enable HTTP/2 on your WordPress site, don't hesitate to contact us, we are here to help you have a faster and more efficient website!

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