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Wordpress vs Shopify What's the difference

If you're considering launching or upgrading your e-commerce site, you may be contemplating between two popular options: WordPress and Shopify. However, deciding between the two can be a challenge. Although both are top-tier platforms, it's crucial to familiarize yourself with their distinctive features and recommended applications before making a decision.

Wordpress vs Shopify What's the difference

What is WordPress?

WordPress is an open source platform that facilitates connections between people. The managed WordPress plans from Best-Hosting.com offer an affordable alternative to get access to a top-notch WordPress site with exceptional server administration without breaking the bank.

The beauty of starting a WordPress site is its extensive customization options, which allows for various functions through various plugins, themes, and code modifications. For example, users can install the WooCommerce plugin to set up an e-commerce store similar to Shopify.

With its versatility, WordPress caters to a wide spectrum of potential users, including web design enthusiasts, users with some web development skills, and those with the financial resources to hire their own web developer.

What is Shopify?

Shopify is a SaaS e-commerce company designed to help entrepreneurs create online stores. Shopify customers don't have to worry about owning the software, as they pay a monthly fee to access all of the platform's features.

With a wide range of drag-and-drop templates to choose from, Shopify offers several product packages. All websites created with Shopify are hosted on the company's servers, similar to a shared web hosting plan.

Main Differences between WordPress and Shopify

Content management 

WordPressContent Management System (CMS): A highly favored platform for online content management. It offers multiple content versions that allow you to store all iterations of your pages and posts in one place, allowing you to revert to previous versions of your site if necessary.

In addition, WordPress has a block-based editing system, which gives you greater adaptability to organize the design of your pages.

ShopifyShopify: Along with WordPress is capable of managing products and collections, but Shopify stands out as a dedicated e-commerce company that has simplified the process of adding and categorizing products. However, if WordPress users want the same functionality, they can easily install the WooCommerce plugin to achieve these features and transform their website into a well-organized e-commerce platform.


WordPress: The tiny hosting service of Mejor-hosting.com offers excellent value for money, with a significantly lower price. One of the additional benefits of this service is that it includes round-the-clock server management and support. In addition, Best-hosting offers high-end plans that allow for multiple sites, as well as enhanced security features.

All Best-hosting plans come with a free SSL certificate, which guarantees secure browsing 24/7/365. Customers can also receive support by phone, chat and email.

ShopifyBest-Hosting's managed WordPress offerings are more affordable compared to Shopify. Shopify's most basic plans start at $ 29.99 per month, which is a bit steep. While the lower plans are suitable for beginners, they lack several business options that are essential for professionals aiming to grow quickly.

For example, the lower Shopify plan does not include professional reports, which means that users who are interested in more in-depth statistical tracking would have to upgrade to a more expensive plan.

Therefore, to fully utilize the capabilities of Shopify, users would have to pay more than twice the price of the most complete managed WordPress plan, which makes it an expensive option.

SEO and content

WordPressSEO: The success of your website depends largely on SEO and relevant content. If you are using WordPress, one of the best tools to improve SEO is the YoastSEO plugin. It is a very popular SEO tool that allows real-time analysis of content and provides users with guidance on how to improve their SEO ranking.

Some of its main features include SEO-enhanced sitemaps, canonical URLs to avoid duplicate content, paragraph structure analysis and keyword density. It also provides a meta description guide, link support and more!
In addition to YoastSEO, choosing the right host and internet plan is another advantage of working with WordPress in relation to SEO. Your choice of hosting company and plan can greatly affect your website's uptime, traffic handling, and overall Google ranking.

ShopifyWhen it comes to managing SEO for Shopify websites, there are some limitations to keep in mind. While using SSL and automatic XML sitemap creation are options available for your site, Shopify makes it difficult to generate clean URLs.

However, there is an option to set up 301 page addresses if you need to change the name of your website. This feature can be useful if you ever decide to make significant changes to your business or change its name. Although Shopify offers several SEO plugins to help you, none of them can match the level of optimization provided by WordPress' YoastSEO.

In conclusion

Shopify and Mejor-Hosting.com offer managed WordPress plans that come with their own advantages. For beginners who prefer a simple, no-frills experience, Shopify may be right for you. On the other hand, if you want a website with diverse options and capabilities that can cater to an international audience, our managed WordPress plans are the way to go.

With just a few clicks, you can select a theme and download WooCommerce, and you're done! If you need round-the-clock support, flexibility, affordable rates and exceptional uptime, be sure to consider our new Tiny WordPress planBuy it today!

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