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Tips to improve your brand positioning with a blog

Brand blogs have become a must-have for successful online brand promotion as they help companies build online communities, provide customer value and showcase their leadership and domain expertise.

Tips to improve your brand positioning with a blog

In addition to serving as a sales tool, there are several other compelling reasons to use your blog to promote your brand, let's look at some of them:

  • Posting fresh branded content can increase your site's ranking in search results, which is a powerful way to stand out against your competitors.
  • Brand promotion through blogs allows you to reach existing and new customers at low cost.
  • Blogging creates an archive of useful brand-based information that can be searched by prospects and leveraged internally for other marketing purposes.
  • Exceptional content with strong sharing potential can reach a large audience that other marketing efforts may not have convenient access to.
  • Branded blogs create a persistent online footprint that can be accessed indefinitely through search engines.

Consider modeling the success generated by the branded blogging patterns of these 5 companies to reap the benefits of blogging with branding issues:

Walt Disney Theme Parks

The Disney Parks Blog serves as a powerful and engaging marketing tool to promote the overall Disney Theme Park experience and brand.

The blog's well-curated menu delves into ten different areas of resorts and theme parks, catering to the varied interests of its readers.

These areas range from details on restaurants and merchandise to vacation planning tips, park history and even a dedicated section focusing on celebrity tours of the parks.

The blog also takes the time to feature its authors with photographs, backgrounds and their roles in the park, giving readers a personalized touch that aligns with the individualized experience that the Disney brand is known for. Through these efforts, the blog cultivates a connection between business stakeholders and the promotion of the Disney brand.

General electric

In an effective branding initiative aimed at demonstrating its versatility beyond just being a producer of light bulbs, General Electric Blog Posts showcases the company's ingenuity across a wide range of technology and energy solutions.

An illustration of this is the "Industries" tab on their blog, which directs users to a page with a collection of buttons representing different industries.

Each button takes you to a more detailed website that delves into the company's efforts to improve industries ranging from aviation, healthcare, oil and gas, mining, retail and transportation.

Whole Foods Market

The Whole Foods blog highlights the benefits of its brand that revolves around natural food products and healthy eating by showcasing product data and usage.

Using a combination of videos, images and written content, the blog delves into the various ways customers can use food products and provides related information that is interesting and valuable.

One of the blog pieces, titled "All About Lamb," features a step-by-step demonstration from the Whole Foods blogger on how to season and dress a leg of lamb with spearmint sauce. The best part? All of the items used in the recipe are available from Whole Foods.

Red Cross

The Red Cross Blog aims to increase public awareness of its various services by showcasing inspiring blood donor stories and news posts related to its disaster recovery, services for military personnel, and health and safety offerings.

Its goal is to encourage more people to participate in its emergency and disaster campaigns.

The blog even provides guidance to web visitors on how they can contribute by making vehicle donations.

To further promote brand awareness, the blog features links to Red Cross Store products offering emergency supplies and educational books and videos. This serves as an avenue for people to learn and prepare for potential emergencies or disasters.

Final words

The evolution of online business promotion has advanced significantly from a static company website that is rarely updated. Today's businesses engage in online competition through the use of various forms of content, including videos, images and text-based blogs.

This article highlights five successful blog campaigns that can serve as excellent examples and inspiration for new businesses delving into blogging. By studying these examples, companies will gain valuable information on how to succeed in the world of online content.

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